Campground Amenities

If you have forgotten any necessity at home, you can go to our store for a quick shopping trip! At our store we offer: slushies, firewood, lighters, paper towels, marshmallow fire sticks, ice cream bars, and so much more.

Store Hours

May, September and October                                                          June-August

Monday- Thursday 1-7                                                                            Monday & Wednesday 12-8

Friday 12-8                                                                                                     Tuesday & Thursday 11-8

Saturday 10-8                                                                                               Friday 11-9

Sunday 10-4                                                                                                  Saturday 9-9

                                                                                                                           Sunday 10-6

Other Amenities at Foxfire include: our main office (which where our store is located), our bath house, our laundromat, and our mess hall.